Blanket Drop-Off Checklist

A few tips for making sure your blanket(s) reach us pristinely:

For All Items

  • Are you using a clean, unscented bag or box for your blanket(s)?
  • Does the package include your name and contact info somewhere inside? (This is for our records. It will not be shared with third parties.)
  • Have you labeled the outside of the package “Project Linus / Matilda Wilson”?
  • Are all blanket materials new and machine washable?
  • Has pet hair been removed?
  • If you share your projects on social media (Ravelry, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), did you post photos?

For Crocheted and Knitted Blankets

  • Are all stitch markers removed?
  • Is all loose yarn snipped?

For Quilts

  • Are all straight pins removed?
  • Are all loose threads cut?
  • Are all seams securely stitched?

For Fleece Blankets

  • Is it a single layer of fleece?