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Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church, 8260 Cypress Lake Drive

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About Project Linus

Project Linus is a national non-profit focused on providing children with a security blanket. After reading about a young girl who took her security blanket with her to her chemotherapy treatments for leukemia, Karen Loucks of Parker, CO began making homemade blankets for Denver’s Rocky Mountain Children’s Cancer Center. It was from reading this Parade article on Christmas Eve, 1995 and her subsequent actions which lead to the formal establishment of Project Linus. Since its inception, over 6,000,000 blankets have been lovingly crafted by “blanketeers” of all ages.

About Our Chapter

As of year end 2017, our all-volunteer chapter has proudly provided over 25,000 blankets since 1998. Over 1800 blankets were made in 2017 alone. This would not be possible without the ongoing generosity of the Lee County community. We thank the dedicated efforts of our many volunteers — individuals, Girl Scout Troups, and craft groups — who make this possible. Some of our blanketeers, reside in southern FL, while others are snowbirds for a few months during season. A special thank you to Matilda Wilson, our chapter coordinator, and Cypress Lake Presbyterian Church for giving us a place to meet.]

Our Chapter Mission

Our mission is two-fold: (1) to provide lovingly made tokens of comfort to children in a wide variety of crisis situations and (2) to provide a meaningful service opportunity to individuals and groups.

How Our Chapter Operates

We make, collect, and distribute new, handmade blankets for critically ill and traumatized children. At our monthly meetings, we sort, label, and package blankets for distribution to our local partners. Delivery frequency to each of our partnering organizations varies. On average, at least one group receives blankets each 4 – 6 weeks. All blankets remain in the area and are never sold to raise money for the chapter. At this time, we do not distribute blankets to individuals.

You are invited to come to our monthly working meetings or annual get-together’s to help prepare blankets or learn more. The latest schedule is available on our calendar.


Groups We Support

In recent years, we’ve work with 12 organizations serving children in the Ft. Myers, FL metro area. These organizations identify children who would benefit from the emotional comfort a handmade blanket holds. Supported groups include:


We are an official Project Linus chapter and need to support our National Organization with annual dues.  We’ve recently been the beneficiary of the time and talents of Kohl’s employees through its “Associates in Action” program.

We have received support in the past also from Walmart Store 5453 (505 SW Pine Island Road, Cape Coral) and Sam’s Club 8130 (5170 S Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers).